der mechanische Kugelschreiber ohne Mechanismus. Ein innovativesr Werbeartikel

Like an automobile that runs without an engine. The elastic refill* is the mechanism  and will be

replaced when empty.


made in Austria




The creative


give away






Your customers


will remember



A cool design, refined simplicity

and the surprise is guaranteed.

It is robust, is equiped with a

renewable mechanism and there-fore will be serving as your  creative business card forever. Your

advertising will be an unforgetable event.

Der shayu ein Indiviiduell gestaltbarer Werbeträger
Der shayu ein Indiviiduell gestaltbarer Werbeträger

The shayu can be customized to your  needs and offers more space for individual advertisment than any other ball-point pen of its kind.

An economical pen made by the Inventor. Any color is possible.


The sample display is the standard.






Let the


shayu boost


your business

Prospective and regular

customers, friends and guests,

will all be pleased to receive

such an exceptionally present*.

Events will be valued and kept

in rememberance for a long



*whether they use it or not

a give away
for any










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